Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ciencias / Science

Nosotros estamos estudiando como la temperatura (calentar o enfriar) puede cambiar diferentes tipos de objetos. Hicimos un experimento con pan, y los estudiantes decoraron su pan con colorante para la comida. Después, comimos pan tostada, y observemos como puede cambiarse el pan, con nuestros 5 sentidos.

We are studying how temperature (heating and cooling) can change different kinds of objects. We did an experiment with bread, and the students decorated their bread with food coloring. Afterwards, we ate the toast! And we observed how the bread had changed using our 5 senses.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Reglas/Rules with ChatterKid App!

Durante los centros hoy, los niños practicaron reglas en la clase y la escuela.

During centers today, the students practiced rules in the class and school.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Reading - Favorite part

We are working on reading independently and for a sustained period of time. Students were able to find their favorite part in a book they were reading, and we typed them on the iPads with our partners!

addilyn: my favonite part was... t  had a lus tooth.
viera: my favorite part was... wioldstaol was treing to find the cragll. 
Lorraine hoffman. my favorite part was wen biscuit was wet.
Milly: my favorite part was moyf wnd
crispin: my favorite part was the buffalo bills 
 marlie: my favorite part was a  little bird inside a shel and win the shel bract it laced  a ester egg
isabella: my favorite part was it was sppongebobs
Heidi (& Gabriella): my fAVORite  part  was sunflowers  wen  gruon  merlon gutn.
celeste:  my favorite part was the kalo was flieg.
reilly: my favorite part was the minecraft heom and it was bege

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Científicos / Scientists

Students drew themselves as scientists this week, using the app "Sketches" on the iPads!

Los estudiantes dibujaron ellos mismos como científicos esta semana, usando el app "Sketches" en los iPads!