Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Last Week / La Semana Pasada

Students had computers in the classroom last week, and they used their writing and technology skills to fill in a Google form about what they learned!

Los estudiantes tuvieron computadoras en la clase la semana pasada, y ¡ellos usaron sus habilidades en la escritura y la tecnología para rellenar un formulario con Google sobre lo que apriendieron!

"leyendo en casa." -Mariannette

"i lrid go nodl" (I learned go noodle) - Sully

"i lrn to rid" (I learn to read) - Camila

"I like lunch" - Daniel

"that to read different books like balto." -Cambrie

"i rede books like chapters." -Isabela

"i lernnd hou to rit. and i lernd hou to count. and i lernd hou to count the days onthe calinder. scool is the best." -Mya

"haw t oyoz a tfam on a cpuodr" (How to use a ten frame on a computer) -Julian

"red and cawt and lrn aer abc" (Read and count and learn our abcs) - Marco

"yo aprani matemaicas" -Leydi

"MATH 1 +2=3." - Leah

"Hoy scribi" -Julio

"we lrid ubawt math" (We learned about math)

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