Sunday, November 11, 2012

Writing/Escritura - Letters/Cartas

In writing we are working on research projects. Some students are researching animals, and I have a friend who has traveled all over the world to work with different kinds of animals. Here are some of the letters that the students wrote and my friend Jessy's response to each of them.

En la escritura estamos trabajando en proyectos de investigación. Algunos estudiantes están investigando animales, y tengo una amiga quién he viajado por todo el mundo trabajando con diferentes tipos de animales. Aquí hay algunos de las cartas y lo que dice mi amiga, Jessy. 

Dear Jessy,

I want to know about dogs. Do you know anything about dogs? Because I
am going to research about dogs? I want to know what they do and stuff
like that? Can they do flips?

Hi Kennedy, I do know a bit about dogs.  Did you know dogs come from
the same family as wolves and coyotes?  However, dogs are used for our
human companionship unlike the other two.  Dogs have been bred for
various reasons including, hunting, herding, guarding and simply
sitting on our laps.  My favorite dogs are the sight hounds.  These
include, afghan hounds, greyhounds, wolfhound and deerhounds to name
just some.  They were used to chase down large animals for their human
companions.  Wolfhounds were used in the British Isles to attack and
kill wolves! Imagine how big those dogs are.  Some dogs do flips, such
as the dogs you might see in the circus and agility events.  They can
jump, catch Frisbees, race and do so much more.  I would recommend you
watch the movie Babe.  They have herding dogs in this movie and you
can see how they work!  Best luck researching!

-Ms. Jessy


Estimada Jessy,

Mi nombre es Ishmael y me gusta los tiburones. Me gustan todo tipo de
tiburones. Has tocado un tiburon? Yo no he tocado un tiburon. Pero los
he visto en televisión. Donde viven los tiburones?


Dear Jessy,
My name is Ishmael and I like sharks. I like all kinds of sharks. Have
you touched a shark? I have not touched a shark before. But I have
seen them on TV.Where do sharks live?
Hola Ishmael,

Man if you want to know about sharks, you came to the right person! I

love sharks! Three years ago I was in Australia and I swam with the
largest fish on earth, the whale shark.  Whale sharks are huge and
they have spots all over their body.  Despite being so big, they
actually eat some of the smallest creatures on earth, plankton. They
are not aggressive by any means, but you need to watch out for their
large tail that could hit you.  Sharks live in every ocean and sea on
the planet.  Some can be found in aquariums and stores.  They do not
like to kill people; we are not on their menu you see.  Some sharks
eat fish, seals, birds and sometimes each other. One reason they do
not want to eat us is that we do not have enough fat on our bodies.
They prefer fatter animals such as seals.  Sharks have awesome senses
and can find prey miles of way.  Did I mention they have been around
since the dinosaurs?  Today our sharks are in a lot of trouble
Ishmael.  They are disappearing from our oceans.  Too many people have
killed them for their fins.  In some countries they make soup with
shark fins and believe it makes them strong.  However, it does not
make anyone strong, but it is wiping out these magnificent animals.
Even the large Great White.  These large sharks eat seals and live of
the waters of colder areas.  Best of luck to you!

-Ms. Jessy


Dear Jessy,

Do you know a lot about birds? Because I am doing a research all about
them and I want you to teach me how to learn all about birds,
especially penguins. What happens when the feathers of a bird get off
of its skin? and when the penguin hatches from its egg? I want to
learn about birds and I hope you get this letter.

Hi David,

Yes I know a lot about birds! Birds are closely related to dinosaurs

believe it or not.  They have most have hollow bones so that they are
light when they fly.  All birds eat different things, make different
nests, have different eggs and so on.  The largest bird that we know
of to have lived was the moa.  This massive bird lived in the forest
of New Zealand and went extinct due to humans cutting down the forests
and eating the moa.  They provided a lot of meat to the Maori people
living there.  Penguins live in the South Pole.  The largest is the
Emperor Penguin.  Like most penguins, both parents share
responsibilities of caring for the chick.  They need to keep it very
warm in the freezing cold temperatures of the poles.  Penguins are
very strong birds, they face many challenges including predators,
weather, and a changing environment.  Some penguins such as the yellow
eye penguin of New Zealand and the fairy penguin of Australia live in
warmer climates and encounter humans, traffic and domestic pets often.
 To answer your question about feathers, some feather may grow back
over time, hover they are very fragile and when they re first coming
in, if they break, they may never come in again.  Good luck
researching birds, there are so many to learn about!

-Ms. Jessy

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